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Where the money goes

100% of funds raised go towards our projects, thanks to generous donations of people's time and our team being almost entirely 'on the ground'. We divide our funds between our five project fields, and our newer projects currently utilise a smaller percentage than more established ones. However, we aim for this to evolve as we prove the value of new projects and grow their funding.


 Schools 50%
 Orphanage 22%
 Health 22%
 Women's empowerment 7%
 Agriculture 1%




Every Rupee helps!

Considering contributing to our work? All donations, however great or small, make a difference to our projects:

The easiest way for you to donate is to make a international money transfer to our Indian bank account. If you would like to discuss alternatives please get in contact!


International Money Transfer

Beneficiary name: Niranjana Public Welfare Trust

Beneficiary A/C No: 10648263925

Beneficiary bank: State Bank of India, Bodhgaya branch.

Bodhgaya branch code: 2739


  • Individuals can sponsor a child or a part of the program's needs each month (from just $25) or make a one off donation
  • Clinics around the world can get involved by becoming sister clinics – ie. sponsoring a part of the program's needs each month (from just $25) and helping to raise awareness with a poster in their waiting rooms
  • Businesses around the world can get involved by; sponsoring a part of the program's needs each month (from just $25), making a one off donation, or donating material items
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We are currently in need of some materials to help our projects advance:

  • Hot water system(s) for the orphan hostel's use during winter
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • An equipped 4-wheel-drive ambulance (currently we use a basic unequipped 4WD)
  • Materials to install tube wells and pumps for drinking water

If you think you can help in this way, please contact us.

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How you can help

We need your support to continue our important work.

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