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Okazu has been working with Niranjana for over 2 years. Amogst other work, Okazu is our main helper for correspondence and reporting for our Japanese supporters.



Hi! I am Alison from Melbourne, Australia. I have worked with Niranjana in Bihar for several months and now help out from home in Australia.



Hi, I'm Andrew. I have been working here at Niranjana for about a month help develop a training program for local villages to help them grow nutritious home gardens.



Hi! I am George from Melbourne, Australia. I have worked with Niranjana for some time now mainly helping with the website and IT. Feel free to email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   if you would like to know more about Niranjana's IT commitment, the website, or how much I enjoy working with the crew at Niranjana!



Hi I'm Julie and I've spent time at Niranjana, primarily working with with the Health Clinic and administration of things. I continue to help out from Australia with the rest of our volunteers here.

Planning on volunteering at Niranjana? Feel free to contact me with any questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Elizabeth is one of the longest standing international members of the Niranjana family. With her late partner Gary, Elizabeth has been responsible for raising and donating thousands of dollars to Niranjana every year. Their efforts have enabled blanket distributions in villages, allowed hundred of students go to school and given many orphans a chance in life. The also donated one of our most essential possessions - the Niranjana jeep! With this we have been able to expand our business to reach much more remote villaes and become much more proficient as a business. 

There is no doubt that Niranajana wouldn't be half of what it is today without the love and support from Elizabeth, and Gary whose heart is always present in niranjana.

Please visit the New Zealand branch of our organisation for more information:



Since meeting Siddhartha, Akiyo has been a crucial part of the Niranjana team. Owning an Indian restuarant in Japan with Siddhartha she works tirelessly to raise funds for Niranjana. Akiyo also works alongside many organisations in Japan who help fund Niranjana as well as send study tours here. She supports many of our major projects and is currently giving the sewing graduates extra training for the garments they are to produce for sale around the world.

Amelia and Gabrielle

Amelia and Gabby are two gorgeous Australian volunteers who came to Niranjana with buckets full of love to give and knowledge to share. They helped teach village men and women how to care for their bodies in everyday work and hence prevent pain. The girls yoga skills came in handy here! Amelia and Gabby also treated patients in the health clinic and helped improve the orphans diets, putting their osteopathic and occupational therapy training to good use.


Pat is another Aussie volunteer who has a great deal of farming knowledge that he puts to good use at Niranjana. He started up the kitchen garden project in 2009 and is back in 2010 to follow up his previous work. It's qualities like Pat's that we really need at Niranjana - eagerness to make a difference and to keep working until the change is in place. Pat has children of his own; so to put time aside to travel to India and raise money when at home is a super effort!


Helen is our wonderful UK representative. She first came to Niranjana in 2009 and since then has raised over 130,000Rs ($2800USD) for our organisation. A recent trip to Niranjana saw Helen partaking in Holi and taking footage for her next big fundraising event! Helen has also arranged many programs for the orphan hostel including a cricket and chess tournament that had excitements high for weeks in Niranjana!


Ak-ko is a true hard worker and shows us that it is possible to get work done in India, even with limited time. She has been to Niranjana numerous times to help Okazu, most recently co running the wall art festvial with him. The hours Ak-ko puts in for niranjana, while at home in Japan is commendable. Especially considering she has a high work load in her career as a well known writer!


Tini is one of Niranjana's most long-term volunteers yet (although no one will ever beat Okazu!). She came in 2009 to spend time in the orphanage where she worked with Helen in arranging actvites for the boys and creating a volunteer program. Coming from Germany - Tini gave the children a chance to hear of life in Europe - something they rarely get a chance to hear with the most frequent volunteers coming from the Asia-Pacific or the UK.


Taylor jumped on the niranjana wagon early 2010. She arrived with a film degree and camera in hand ready to hlep us out with a promotional video and mor informative video footage for fundraising options.

Her work is amazing so keep posted for the final videos in months to come!

Currently taylor is in Delhi making a documentary on the cotton indusrty and its problems in north west india. 


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